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A Yogi's Guide to Marketing:

Get Confident with Social Media Content

Sunday 23rd January 2pm-4pm

Join me for a 2 hour workshop on getting confident with creating social media content. This workshop will equip you with practical tips and advice on creating authentic social media content in line with your yoga business.


Authentic social media content is the key to any successful business, but we're often left wondering where to start. Many marketing courses aren't tailored to supporting small businesses, yoga teachers, or those who believe in sharing authentic content that upholds the values and beliefs of your business. My hope is that this workshop will help you begin your social media marketing journey and help you on your way with getting more confident with sharing content on your channels.


Who is this workshop for?

  • Yoga instructors

  • Holistic business owners

  • Small business owners

  • Anyone with an interest in learning about authentic marketing!

This workshop is designed with yoga teachers and holistic business owners in mind so we will look at the issues and ethics facing marketing your yoga business such as cultural appropriation, and the ethics of marketing with yoga. These issues also face many small business owners so this workshop is open to everyone with an interest in learning more about authentic marketing. If you have any questions about joining please email


Workshop investment £30.


This workshop is located in person at The Yoga Barn and also online via Zoom. To join the workshop please purchase a workshop pass and book in through the Yoga Barn.

Please wear clothes that you are comfortable moving in as we will start the workshop with a short yoga flow. This will be a gentle yoga flow with plenty of opportunities to spice it up or slow it down and is open to all yoga levels and experiences. *If you do not want to take part in the yoga practice element the marketing workshop will start at 2.30pm.* Please also bring a fully charged phone (to take some photos / content with), notepad and pen if you would like to take notes.

What we'll cover in this workshop:

A short yoga practice

A short 30 minute Vinyasa class to move the body and open up our creativity.

Writing for social media

What to say, how to say it, and how long your posts should be.

Maintaining content creation

Who has the time?! Tips for success and preventing content gaps.

Creating purposeful content

Cultural appropriation, the ethics of marketing and yoga, GDPR.

Challenging the algorithms

When to post, how often to post, what to post.

Paid advertising

Is it worth the investment? Where do you start?

Why this workshop?

I'm Gillian.

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